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“This is a safe area, and we are doing everything we can to protect it. In recent weeks we have made a significant increase in the amount of police at the centre to protect our residents, particularly in light of the large number of car bombs in the city. “We have also deployed a number of police officers on bicycles. In addition, a large number of local residents have joined the police on bikes and on foot. “There have been a number of reports about the presence of British Forces (BF) in the area and it is not true. “An area the size of 5 football pitches was secured by our soldiers to carry out a house-to-house search and nobody was injured. “In all cases, we have taken every precaution to ensure that nobody is injured.” The next nearest police station is at Lewes railway station, and is 11km away. However, it is also some 35km away from the town’s Clockhouse shopping centre, the target of the suspected ‘lone wolf’ attack. Paul O’Keeffe, deputy chief constable of Sussex Police, said: “I would like to reassure the local residents that we have the situation under control and that there is no cause for public concern. “However, we would like to remind people that there is never any place for criminals to hide and we continue to keep the public informed through the media and social media. “Our presence is visible and we are operating a 24/7 presence on the streets and in the town centre and are also doing house-to-house searches. “Any resident that sees anything suspicious should call us.” The 'lone wolf' suspect was reported to be in the Esher area on Saturday, according to the BBC. (Image: Ian Vogler) Police are yet to officially confirm the individual's identity. They also believe the suspect may have fled the country. Chief Superintendent Roly Skerrett said: “This was a deliberate attack, deliberately targeting the community, with a deliberate weapon and a deliberate method. “We are now looking for a man who is a lone wolf and a potential terrorist. “If you see anything suspicious call 999. “If you see a man acting suspiciously walking in the area, call 999

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