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Teamspeak 3 Server Admin Hack

teamspeak 3 server admin hack teamspeak 3 server admin hack I have found out that my teamspeak server has been hacked, I want to report this to team speak. I can not find the correct place to report this. Can someone tell me where to report this. Teamspeak 3 server hack I have a another team speak on my server. I can not get on there. I type in and it tells me that my server is blocked. How do i fix this. Please help. Today, I noticed that some individuals hacked my server and changed the administrator name to admin. I do not know how they did it, I was on the server using teamspeak 3 client. I then opened team speak, and went to connect with an individual, but it said that the server admin was no longer. When I go to team speak, it says server admin is blocked, so I can not get on there. I am trying to talk to some of my friends, but they can not hear me. How do I fix this? I have tried looking for this in the past, and every time I try to search, I find people looking for help with adding a team speak server, and then I find forums with people telling how to add a team speak server. Why can you not just answer my question, it is a fairly easy question. I would really appreciate it. ac619d1d87

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